The Necessity of Affirmative Action Today

Today, a New York Times article discussed the Supreme Court’s task to determine the necessity of affirmative action in determining admission into institutions of higher education in the case of Fisk vs. University of Texas in “A Changed Court Revisits Affirmative Action in College Admissions.” NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams asked tonight in his summary of this news, “Has affirmative action run its course?”  Well, has it?  Should race be used as a determinant for admission into American colleges and universities in the 21st century?  Why or why not?

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2 thoughts on “The Necessity of Affirmative Action Today

  1. The U.S. on the one hand attempts to open more doors, while on the other hand closes doors via the racist #Stop&Frisk, #WarOnDrugs, #PrisonIndustrialComplex, #NewJimCrow, and #RacistImmigrationLaws

    1. In agreement with Glenn. If affirmative action was determined necessary in 1960s then there is a grave unlikelihood that this country has undone several hundred years of racial oppression and its residuals in just a few decades, that is, if racism still exists institutionally.

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