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Beginning as a blog in March of 2011, The Raceless Gospel, LLC is now a non- profit para-church teaching ministry dedicated to leading didactic dialogues on race and its progeny, which empower Christian believers, leaders and thinkers to passionately, pastorally and prophetically speak about the sociopolitical construct of race and the myriad injustices that intersect in our churches, communities and country. If you like the content and would like to learn more, please subscribe to receive regular email updates and join me at a future training.

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Identifying Jesus when he looks nothing like the gospel

More than a year into the pandemic, people are making tough decisions to leave jobs that don’t work for them, to leave relationships that are not healthy and mutually beneficial, to leave churches that don’t serve their faith well. They are rethinking their life’s ambitions and choosing to do it now, more convinced than ever […]

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Dead in the water: Raceless Identity as Baptismal Identity

Racism is often confused with race. So, when I say raceless, I am not suggesting that racism is not real. The sociopolitical construct that supports our hate is a fallacy but racism, prejudice, stereotyping and their progeny are facts and proof of an unequal reality. We are not post- racial or past this, not in […]

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