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Beginning as a blog in March of 2011, The Raceless Gospel is now an initiative at Good Faith Media. The initiative is a para- church teaching ministry dedicated to leading didactic dialogues on race and its progeny, which empower Christian believers, leaders and thinkers to passionately, pastorally and prophetically speak about the sociopolitical construct of race and the myriad injustices that intersect in our churches, communities and country. Please subscribe to receive regular email updates and join me at a future training.

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The Monotony of Hatred: Race has nothing new to say

Deconstructing race, tearing down the linguistic, legal and living structures that support the defacing of the imago Dei in all human beings is hard work. So is keeping a racialized group propped up to look down their noses at others not chosen to be white. It is easier to simply rinse and repeat after race, […]

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The Gospel in Progress

Have you seen Jesus? God in the neighborhood, God on the move, Jesus is never just in our corner of the world. Jesus is God all over the place. Sight unseen by his latest disciples and yet seen in our neighbor and the stranger’s face. Our vision of him is a work in progress. We […]

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The Raceless Gospel is all over the place

The Raceless Gospel is going places and by this I mean, the message is spreading. What began as a question and led to ten years of seeking answers around human identity, the sociopolitical construct of race and belonging in authentic Christian community is now my journey, my path, my way forward, my whole world. I […]

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