An Anti- Race Covenant

As the children of God who are the spitting image of the Divine, fellow disciples of Jesus Christ and temples of the Holy Spirit, we do hereby covenant with God, ourselves and our neighbors to:

  • Not employ the historical and personal experience of race or its social truths in the interpretation of sacred Scripture, the will of God, the work of the Holy Spirit or the ministry of Jesus Christ in the world for the purposes of preserving the worldview of race and sustaining the practice of racism;
  • Not speak of race as having divine power or as a fourth member of the Holy Community but as a social construct and a social contract that we have agreed to;
  • Not recreate God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit in the images of race;
  • Not amend, modify or alter the attributes of God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit to suit the causes of race;
  • Not subject God or God’s will to the social truths and purposes of race;
  • Regularly examine our thoughts, speech, behavior and relationships as it concerns race and the practice of our faith;
  • Be intentional in our awareness of race worship and available to question the rationale behind our continued observance of race’s commandments and our belief in its social parables;
  • Commit to courageous truth-telling about our existence and experiences without employing the lens of race;
  • Redefine our lives, faith/beliefs, relationships, vocation/work, experiences, habits, hobbies, interests, eyes, lips, nose, hair, skin and body a part from the social prescriptions, cultural expectations, historical vocabulary and definitions of race;
  • Denounce our social, cultural, familial, emotional, theological and religious allegiance to race in order that we might experience a truer and deeper freedom in relationship with God, our neighbor and ourselves;
  • Not assign human worth and potential, attribute social success or failure, assume educational background or vocational pursuits, guilt or innocence, personal threat or safety to the social coloring of a person’s skin or any other physical attribute;
  • Not repeat the curses of race or pass down its traditions of prejudice and stereotyping, supremacy and powerlessness to our children and likewise not accept the privileges, perks and special benefits of whiteness and pass down the lens that allows us to look away or to blatantly ignore the poor, marginalized, minoritized and oppressed who are not socially colored white; and,
  • Love our God, ourselves and our neighbors unapologetically and without the assistance of race.