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Beginning as a blog in March of 2011, The Raceless Gospel is now an initiative at Good Faith Media. The initiative is a para- church teaching ministry dedicated to leading didactic dialogues on race and its progeny, which empower Christian believers, leaders and thinkers to passionately, pastorally and prophetically speak about the sociopolitical construct of race and the myriad injustices that intersect in our churches, communities and country. Please subscribe to receive regular email updates and join me at a future training.

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Do you have plans for October 27th?

I love it when a plan comes together, except I never had one. Proclaiming The Raceless Gospel is my calling and that’s not something I could have dreamed up. Yet, I can see how it could all lead up to this present moment. What began as a daily blog, The Daily Race, more than ten […]

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If you have ears to hear, justice is calling

Did you hear that? Do you feel that? Something is shifting. The American empire and its capitalist machinery that pushes its citizens to work themselves to death, to keep the wheels turning. It’s coming undone and to a screeching halt for some. “The Great Resignation,” wherein persons up and quit their jobs without a safety […]

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Remembering what freedom calls for on June 19th

It’s the second anniversary of Juneteenth as a national observance and today, freedom is still on many Americans’ minds. It’s the second time the United States will mark the occasion of African Americans enslaved two years passed the due date of Abraham Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation.” Freedom always takes time, and we are not free until […]

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What Buffalo is known for now

Buffalo, New York is known for large snow accumulations and buffalo wings. It is where I moved to at the age of sixteen, making both a Southerner and a Northerner out of me. It is the home of the Buffalo Bills and a little over a quarter million people, including my mother and siblings. On […]

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