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Advent: This is not Jesus’ annual visit

Christmas does not come just once a year.  Jesus is not unpacked with the ornaments, apart of the tangled mass of colored lights.  Christmas does not begin when we put up the Christmas tree.  Neither pine needles nor the smell of cinnamon make it a reality.  Jesus cannot be hung up and taken down like… Continue reading Advent: This is not Jesus’ annual visit


A prayer at Advent to God in the flesh

God in the flesh, who reigns from a lowly manger, not draped in fine robes but wrapped in milk rags, who calls into question our lavish lifestyles, our lust for power and the images we create of it. God in the flesh, who came not flanked with angels, who brought not the might of heaven… Continue reading A prayer at Advent to God in the flesh


A Prayer at Advent to the Shepherd- King

Shepherd- King, who tends to our souls, our deepest selves, our most pressing needs, who leads us and yet followed our entry into the world through a woman. Able to part the clouds and ride on the wings of the wind, You join us in pulling mother’s skirt, holding her hand to walk and we… Continue reading A Prayer at Advent to the Shepherd- King

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When God comes to town

God is not a superhero.  Cape exchanged for swaddling clothes, he does give us the image of strength.  He cannot leap over tall buildings.  His parents can't even find a place to give birth to him. He will cry out for help before the crowds do.  He will not be waving, taking pictures and signing autographs. … Continue reading When God comes to town

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A Prayer on Christmas Eve

I am so grateful for the days when we remember that God is with us, when we realize even for a moment that God is here to stay. I shared this prayer tonight at our Christmas Eve service with the sacred fellowship at Village Baptist Church. Let's pray together. God, Who keeps company with us,… Continue reading A Prayer on Christmas Eve


God is with us?

During this Advent season, I am challenging my young adult Sunday school class to think through our seasonal declarations.  God is with us.  We are retelling the dream of Jesus' stepdad, Joseph.  We are repeating the pronouncement of an angel (Matthew 1.18-25).We are testifying that God made good on the promise declared by the prophet… Continue reading God is with us?

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An Advent Prayer: God is with all of us

Infant God, the Almighty cradled, the Eternal born and the Omnipresent God held in the arms of a woman, we confess that we cannot get our heads around Your mystery. We cannot put our finger on how You are God in heaven and God with us.  We don’t know how You mixed divinity and dirt… Continue reading An Advent Prayer: God is with all of us