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The Race Trap

What is it that we see in race that we cannot see apart from it?  Why do we prefer to get closer to it than to ourselves?  This literal carnal identity, we are known by our skin.  It is the way of the world.  It is the way things are people remind me. No other… Continue reading The Race Trap

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Race is not a body language

Race is not a body language. It is not a form of nonverbal communication as one’s physical features do not actually communicate physical behaviors.  Because there must be a bad connection as the calls are all the same.  Black is bad, can’t be half bad but must be all bad, a bad apple that leaves… Continue reading Race is not a body language

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Sunday morning segregation

It’s almost 11 a.m., that holy hour that is concentrated with our hubris, when the worship services are but a reflection of our preferences, when the pews are filled with the people we are most comfortable with.  It’s almost 11 a.m. on this fine Sunday morning where people dress up or down and then sit… Continue reading Sunday morning segregation

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Don’t touch my hair

I've had to say this in church, at a so- called multicultural, we are the example of inclusion and God's kingdom come to earth one.  "Don't touch my hair."  After compliments, hands uninvited reached forward to finger my tresses.  "It's so soft," she said.  Her response revealing much and undoing more of a potential relationship… Continue reading Don’t touch my hair

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The history of our days

On this day in 1955, a fourteen year old African American boy named Emmett Till from Chicago, Illinois was killed in Money, Mississippi.  I know his story by heart; it was the first one I learned on domestic terrorism and mob lynching when I began my personal study of African American history.   He went… Continue reading The history of our days

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Questioning our multiple supremacies

Katharine Gerbner writes in Christian Slavery: Conversion and Race in the Protestant Atlantic World that before there was the ideology of white supremacy, there existed what she calls "Protestant Supremacy."  Gerbner writes about Anglicanism in Barbados what was also true in America, "The Anglican Church in Barbados was exclusive, the domain of slave owners and… Continue reading Questioning our multiple supremacies

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  "About the latter end of August, a Dutch man of Warr of the burden of a 160 tunes arrived at Point-Comfort, the Comandors name Capt Jope, his Pilott for the West Indies one Mr Marmaduke an Englishman. … He brought not any thing but 20 and odd Negroes, w[hich] the Governo[r] and Cape Merchant… Continue reading 1619