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The Race Trap

What is it that we see in race that we cannot see apart from it?  Why do we prefer to get closer to it than to ourselves?  This literal carnal identity, we are known by our skin.  It is the way of the world.  It is the way things are people remind me. No other… Continue reading The Race Trap

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Don’t touch my hair

I've had to say this in church, at a so- called multicultural, we are the example of inclusion and God's kingdom come to earth one.  "Don't touch my hair."  After compliments, hands uninvited reached forward to finger my tresses.  "It's so soft," she said.  Her response revealing much and undoing more of a potential relationship… Continue reading Don’t touch my hair

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  "About the latter end of August, a Dutch man of Warr of the burden of a 160 tunes arrived at Point-Comfort, the Comandors name Capt Jope, his Pilott for the West Indies one Mr Marmaduke an Englishman. … He brought not any thing but 20 and odd Negroes, w[hich] the Governo[r] and Cape Merchant… Continue reading 1619

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Words we cannot send back

Today, Donald Trump sent another divisive message to his followers via his official Twitter account regarding Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.  For those who would make excuses or who are praying that his racist comments will just blow over, they won't.  Telling people not socially colored white to "go back home" or to "go back to where… Continue reading Words we cannot send back

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Sending word

Life is filled with false starts, abrupt stops, detours and wrong turns. We didn’t know it would take this long to come to ourselves, that there were so many copies to choose from, that being original is harder than it looks, that it is easier to repeat, to nod in agreement with the majority, that… Continue reading Sending word

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What’s in the melting pot?

Recently, journalist Tom Brokaw was called out on comments he made on Meet the Press where he suggested that Hispanics were not doing enough to assimilate.  He has since apologized but the conversations continue online, on buses and in taxis, at barbershops and salons, in breakrooms and over dinner as to what he meant and… Continue reading What’s in the melting pot?