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Advent: This is not Jesus’ annual visit

Christmas does not come just once a year.  Jesus is not unpacked with the ornaments, apart of the tangled mass of colored lights.  Christmas does not begin when we put up the Christmas tree.  Neither pine needles nor the smell of cinnamon make it a reality.  Jesus cannot be hung up and taken down like… Continue reading Advent: This is not Jesus’ annual visit


No, thanks

It’s considered rude not to say, “Thank you.”  It is ruled the kind of basic, general, your mama taught you better, mind your manners, at least you can say kind of thing.  If you don’t, you are considered ungrateful and unworthy of the thing, the person, the event and any future gift- giving.  At least,… Continue reading No, thanks

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This is a good Friday

“I’ll do it when I’m good and ready.” “It’s just not the right time. I need more time.” But in matters of faith, we are never truly good or really ready. Filthy rag righteousness, we could never clean up the mess we’ve made on our own. The Apostle Paul tells the truth and shames us… Continue reading This is a good Friday

Holy Week, Meditation

Maundy Thursday: Tough Love

In John chapter 13, Jesus doesn’t just want us to talk about love.  Jesus wants to see it, hear it, feel it in our fellowship. It is a love that Christians should be famous for, that Christian should be synonymous with.  Jesus said and demonstrated it every day of his life and even in his death.… Continue reading Maundy Thursday: Tough Love

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Letting down our defenses

This morning, I led a conversation on the fights that form us as Christians-- red versus blue carpet, choir versus praise team, contemporary music versus hymns, offering plate versus Apple pay, suits versus skinny jeans and a t- shirt, 8 a.m. versus 11 a.m. service.  You know, deeply transformative wars for righteousness.  And these fights… Continue reading Letting down our defenses

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We’re going to need a bigger heart

  Does it feel tight in here or is it just me?  It feels like the walls are closing in, like fences are about to rain down on me, like bridges are being stolen in the middle of the night.  I've lost my place again.  Now where were we? The distance between us and them… Continue reading We’re going to need a bigger heart

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Leave Room for God

We should not attempt to convince ourselves that we need to make room for God.  The psalmist ensures our perspective is clear on the matter.  Let’s not put the creature before the Creator.  No, “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” (Psalm 24.1).  But, true to our capitalistic form, we think that we… Continue reading Leave Room for God