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We’re going to need a bigger table

See the source imageI love Communion, also known as the Lord’s Supper.  More than serving it, I love seeing the people that Jesus prepared a table for.  While our Communion tables could not accommodate all those we serve each Sunday, it is amazing to see just how many persons Christ aims to sit next to.  Forget elbow room or pulling up a chair, there isn’t much room for either.

And what is shared isn’t your typical meal.  By most standards, it isn’t much.  Juice and bread, most prisoners have it better.  But, for us, it is more than enough.  Symbolizing the body and blood of Christ, cramming our mouths with bread or gulping down the juice isn’t the point.  Savoring the morsel of bread, swallowing a meager amount of juice, we are satisfied with full hearts– not stomachs.

Not an invitation only gathering, this catered meal is prepared by Christ alone.  He is serving and being served.  Christ prepares a table and serves himself up to us.  Take and eat.

Christ prepares a table for us in the presence of our sworn enemies.  Leading by example, Christ prepares a table and sits down with his enemy, Judas.  Have a seat.  He makes room for persons who make us want to leave the room.  Jesus sits down when we would get up and storm out.  “I’m not talking to her!”  “I’m not sitting next to him!”

His table is so much larger than our own.  We can seat our four and no more.  During the holidays, we move to the formal dining room to accommodate more persons.  But, still, it is family members only.

When we partake in Communion, we see all the people that Jesus is willing to sit down with, crossing cultures and all of our lines.  He reminds me that the seating arrangement in churches across the country and the world does not accommodate all of his guests.  But, if we want Christ to be fully present to receive them, then we are going to need a bigger table.

My Flesh and Blood

urlAs most or all of you know, I am a mother and a pastor and obviously, a writer. The three intersect every day and each informs and influences, strengthens and encourages the other.  I travel with a Bible and a diaper bag.  I am praying for my congregation and the miracle of a tantrum- free morning.  I’m still waiting by faith for the latter.  I am carrying the word of God and my son in my heart.

So often, when I think about one, I will see a connection to the other.  One day, the realization was so strong that I sat down to right about it.  Then, I submitted my thoughts regarding the connections made with ministry and motherhood to Alicia Porterfield, the editor of Divine Duet: Ministry and Motherhood and she liked them.  Consequently, she has posted my reflection on who I see when I look at my son and who Christ sees when he looks at us.  I titled it “My flesh and blood.”