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Defining Race-less

Race- less, Adj.

1.  Used to describe persons who choose not to identify with or by a socioculturally constructed race, here being black/ white/ red/ yellow/ brown/ beige; used to describe a person not willing to be defined by the social coloring of skin, biased beliefs regarding physical attributes or stereotypes associated with a cultural group based on the sociocultural construct of race;  used to describe the life that persons lead who choose not to employ the lens of race when looking at themselves, others and God and practice the traditions of racism with themselves, others and God 2. not of or pertaining to a post- racial society but pointing back to the first and true image of humanity: God’s  (Gen. 1.26-27).  God is pre, post and supra- racial;


3. the belief that human beings are not physically but socially colored black/ white/ red/ yellow/ brown/ beige and thereby categorized for the self- preservation and elevation, economic advancement and geographic rule of the socially favored group, here being white; and,

4.  a definitive attribute of the message of Jesus Christ, the identity of His disciples and a liberating truth of the ministry of reconciliation: The gospel of Jesus Christ is race-less (Galatians 3.28; Colossians 3.11).

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