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Words. They are our beginning and end, starting and finishing us, recruiting and guiding us. We are all following one Word or another.

It is the latter that attempts to unravel God’s plan. People words, human words, time sensitive words that can get in the way, distract us, stall us, tie us up. These are often unskilled and uninformed words, unforgiving and relentless words, words that betray and defy us, that hunt and hound us, that shame and silence us. We are all running from and toward one Word or another.

We are looking for the right Word and we know that when we see Him, hear Him, repeat Him that we will have seen our selves, heard ourselves for the first time and yet again because it sounds so familiar. But, it takes time.

We will spend much of our lives unpacking and sorting through our words, trying on and tossing out words outgrown and handed down, looking for and finding words that fit us better, organizing within us the words that we cannot live without, that go so well together and reflect our style and taste. But, there is one Word that “works everything out for our good” (Romans 8.28), that settles and makes sense of all of our words: Jesus.

He must. He is our start, our origin and to find out where we are headed, we must go back to the beginning. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” (John 1.1). We will all make sense when we go back to the Source, the Center, the Beginning of our word- life.

God is our beginning and end, the Author and Finisher (Hebrews 12.2). Yes, we are all God’s letters and He is the Word.



He Sees Me

He sees me

Not the social coloring of my skin

Not the texture of my hair

Not the size of my nose

Not the shape of my eyes

Not my past and its failures

Not my present and its flaws

Not who I was or who I hope to be

But who I have always been.

No, God sees me.

John McNeill’s “If I am to live”

“For the mind set of the flesh is death, but the mind set of Spirit is life and peace.”

~ Romans 8:6, NASB

I must thrust myself upon discipline’s breast

if I am to ever live.

I have no peace, and it is a silent war;

it silences my soul.

 It skews the language of my spirit;

it opposes who I am and will become.

If I am to ever live,

I must trust a vision I will never see.

I must comfort a man who despises his flesh;

I must no longer tire.

I must deny all I perceive as human

if I am to ever live.

I must embrace a man humanity has never known;

I must love a man humanity has never accepted.

I must learn a man who has never lived

if I am to ever live.

This poem, an insightful reflection into the self, is featured on my husband’s new blog The Spiritual Walk.