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Dr. Silvia Mazzula in a post titled “But You Speak So Well”: How Latinos Experience Subtle Racism,” provides this noteworthy definition of microaggression: “things said or done – many times unconsciously – that reflect a person’s inner thinking, stereotypes and prejudices. They are difficult to recognize because they are brief, innocuous, and often difficult to see.”  She also shares with readers the effects of microaggressions and why we need to be conscious of their use.

Christopher Emdin of The Huffington Post discusses the problems with the American image, the “American dream” and the “American way” in light of the recent murders at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin and links it to the Trayvon Martin case in “Turbans, Hoodies and Misdirected Microaggression.”  So, to be American means to be made in whose image?