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New York Times: Race, History and Baptist Reconciliation

3718830750_a0d4c4d4a2In a recent article, the New York Times highlights the work of two Baptist denominations in the ministry of reconciliation.  To be sure, this ministry is nondenominational as we are all called to unite regardless of our liturgy, lineage or language.  Last year in Jackson, Mississippi, the Rev. Dr. Jerry Young of the National Baptist Convention USA and the Rev. Dr. Ronnie Floyd of Southern Baptist Convention each invited ten pastors to discuss racial reconciliation.  Both were recently interviewed about the event and their hopes for the meeting.  Click here to read more.

But, their work should not suggest that ours is over.  While we may not lead large organizations, we do have incalculable opportunities to impact the world through those in our homes, in our communities and places of employment.  And that’s where it begins.  Reconciliation begins around the kitchen table, at the playground and the workroom.

Lord, give us the courage to initiate conversations and the wisdom to become communities of reconciliation.  Amen.

Share Your Story

imagesMaya Angelou said rightly, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”  And stories are about race are both difficult to carry and to tell.  So, I am excited at the opportunity that the New York Times has presented to its readers.  It is apart of their Op- Docs series Conversations on Race and I hope that it gets more of us talking and telling our story.

We don’t have to carry the burden alone.  We can share it with others by sharing our story.  Click here to give us yours.