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Not Worth Much

Yesterday, I shared a message with the congregation titled, "Costly Obedience."  Unpacking the well- known hymn recorded in Philippians 2.5-11, I invited listeners to consider again the price that Christ paid for our sins.  It was a costly obedience because he was obedient to the point of death-- not obedient for personal gain, not agreeable… Continue reading Not Worth Much

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Not Your Average Identity

During this season of Lent, a kind of forty- day challenge for some believers, I have been reflecting on surrender and what we mean when we say, "I give up."  In the practice of our faith, according to the terms and conditions of our discipleship, giving up is a good thing.  Dare I say, it is… Continue reading Not Your Average Identity

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“Hello. My name is…”

My family and I recently visited a state that shall remain nameless and after being introduced to a European American woman in her early to mid- forties who would be serving us during our weekend stay, she felt compelled to share with me that there was only one "colored person" in her school "all the… Continue reading “Hello. My name is…”

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Dying Daily to Race

"I die daily." ~ First Corinthians 15.31 Funerals.  No one likes them, right?  Well, except for morticians perhaps!  And death, like politics and religion, is a subject to be avoided unless absolutely necessary.  Whether it is because of the resultant grief, the mystery that shrouds it or fear of our own demise, death is not… Continue reading Dying Daily to Race

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"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations." ~ Jeremiah 1.5, NRSV How does God know us?  This opening statement of God's calling of the Old Testament weeping prophet Jeremiah says that God knows us a part… Continue reading Before

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I Just Had to Say It

I couldn't say black or white or red or yellow or beige or brown anymore.  I just couldn't refer to people by social colors, pretending that their skin offered some innate, inherent meaning, that it suggested the manner in which they should be viewed and subsequently treated.  I didn't believe in race and there was… Continue reading I Just Had to Say It

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What is race doing with our lives?  What is race doing to our lives?  What is race doing for our lives?  What are its benefits, the reasons that we continue to employ it, to keep it, to depend on it? What have we done with our lives, to our lives and to the lives of… Continue reading Perspective