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And be a Christian

butterfly-orange-blue-designI am still surprised when I attend conferences with other Christians and the gathering is multicultural that the social construct of race still dictates our behavior, that believers of the God who “so loved the world” self- segregate though we have come together for a common purpose and goal for the same Lord in service to the same faith (John 3.16). I confess that it makes me angry but more so, it disappoints me. And it is this disappointment that motivates me, that drives me to read and write about race.

We are to be known by our Love not our hatred. We are called to be “in the world but not of it” (Romans 12.2). We, as believers, can not hold two emotions, practice two ways, serve two masters (Matthew 6.24). We must choose if we will serve God or race.

So, I thought after witnessing this, we cannot be prejudiced and be a Christian. Our God has no favorites (Romans 2.11). We cannot hate and be a Christian. Our God is love. We cannot stereotype and be a Christian. We have all been made new (Second Corinthians 5.17). We cannot keep silent and be a Christian.  Our God is the Word (John 1.1).  Clear your throat and speak up.  Thank you.