Doing justice to our bodies: How race wrongs us

"The problem is solved, not by giving new information, but by arranging what we have known since long." | Ludwig Wittgenstein This past week, I had the opportunity to attend the Baptist World Alliance's Annual Gathering in Zurich, Switzerland and to present a  paper as a member of the Commission on Racial and Gender Justice. … Continue reading Doing justice to our bodies: How race wrongs us


A Prayer to the Peerless God

This morning, I was afforded the opportunity to provide a prayer for a gathering of faith leaders from Washington, D.C.  We were all invited by current Mayor Bowser and former mayor Anthony Williams.  We joined together in celebration of African American history and heritage as well as to reflect on the strides that this community… Continue reading A Prayer to the Peerless God

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Books can take you places

As many of us gear up for summer vacations with flip flops, sunglasses and sunscreen, I want to remind us of the journey offered in books.  Words can take us places.  Within their pages are invitations to journey not just to distant and magical lands but to places closer to home, to undiscovered holy sites… Continue reading Books can take you places

Anniversary, Race

Happy 6th anniversary!

Today, my blog turns six and she remains my baby.  While I have been graced to write for several other outlets and to even become a published author, this blog is my greatest accomplishment.  It was here that I took the risk to share the race-less gospel of Jesus Christ and I remain committed to… Continue reading Happy 6th anniversary!

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The Race Pass: A Compromised Faith

                Yesterday, I introduced the concept of the race pass and through social media continued to unpack the idea.  I often pray for divine insight into the social construct of race with the hope of further revealing its weaknesses and prayerfully, loosening its grip on our faith.  I think… Continue reading The Race Pass: A Compromised Faith

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Your god might be race if…

What motivates and inspires me in this sacred work is the unconscious idolatry practiced, the investment of belief, the gut- level faithfulness exhibited toward race in the practice of the Christian faith.  I have been called to separate race from God, to erase the color line in our churches and to do the groundwork for the ministry of reconciliation.  I… Continue reading Your god might be race if…

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All Lives Don’t Matter

It is a trending hash tag. #Alllivesdidntmatter is the new response to persons who have quipped "All lives matter" to the Black Lives Matter movement and message.  It is a national conversation on race being played out on social media. The hash tag serves as a frustrating reminder as it seems that there are those who… Continue reading All Lives Don’t Matter