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Soong-Chan Rah on the Racialization and Nationalization of the Image of God

Soong- Chan Rah talks about the strengths and weaknesses of a transcendent imagination, exceptionalism, the racialization and nationalization of the image of God at Wheaton College.  Let us think more deeply about the impact of the social construct of race on our theology and anthropology.


The Next Evangelicalism: Appreciating the Multicultural Church

“If you’re going to be a missionary, pastor or leader in this new multicultural reality and you’ve never had a non-white mentor, you’re not a missionary, pastor or leader but a colonialist.”

~ Dr. Chan- Rah

Invited to Fuller Seminary, Dr. Soong Chan- Rah gives us “some old news, some good news and a challenge that comes out of the good news” from The Acts of the Apostles 15.1-5.  The question is “How are American Christians going to respond to the changes that are occurring all around us?”  Brace yourself because the challenges are great.  He challenges our ideas of leadership, service, discipleship and hospitality while inviting the people of God to be a family.