No, thanks

It’s considered rude not to say, “Thank you.”  It is ruled the kind of basic, general, your mama taught you better, mind your manners, at least you can say kind of thing.  If you don’t, you are considered ungrateful and unworthy of the thing, the person, the event and any future gift- giving.  At least,… Continue reading No, thanks


Happy Thanksgiving from Race-less Gospel!

As we remember the blessing of family, let us not forget the One who left divine community to dwell among us. As we sit down at the table prepared for us, let us remember the One whose body was broken so that he might be shared with all.  As we rub overstuffed bellies and loosen… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving from Race-less Gospel!

Meditation, The Spiritual Life

Count your blessings

“Give thanks in all circumstances.” ~ First Thessalonians 5.18, NRSV We have no problem counting the days of children but the days of adults prove difficult, embarrassing even. Our milestones are often covered up: the first gray hair, the first pain that won’t go away, the first time we could no longer do this or… Continue reading Count your blessings