Drill Exercise #1

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Like many Americans, I began the day listening to the reading of the names of those who lost their lives on that dreadful day. I observed the impact of each plane crash with a moment of silence. And for that moment, I was a student in my third year of my undergraduate studies at Buffalo State College, leaving a class for work study. I was back on the 7th floor in the south wing of the Twin Rise building, head spinning and stomach turning at the unbelievable yet unforgettable news. It was here that I learned what had happened and left to join others in the Student Union where we gathered to pray for their loved ones in New York City.

Today, I also received a comment from another Word Press blogger who has been very adamant in his attempts to convince me of the scientific basis for race. I have already stated my position and am no longer pursuing a conversation with him. But, apparently, he continues to read the blog and commented on yesterday’s post “Out of Order” that because I do not understand the science of race that I would not “change anything for the better.” In a future post, I will address the pseudo- scientific basis for race but as to whether or not I will change anything for the better, it’s too late. It’s already begun in me.

In track and field, a drill is a part of the warm up before a run in order to reemphasize your form and to stretch. Often times, persons visit the blog who may not be in agreement with the positions that I take on race and I am certain that you are often confronted with some of the same challenges. So, to reemphasize our form and to again stretch our understanding of our humanity without the qualifiers of race, I will periodically add drill exercises to remind us of why we run. This evening, it will be in form of statements for you to repeat and reflect on.

Say each statement ten times.

I am not a racial being; I am a human being.

I am not a color; I am a member of God’s creation.

I am not who race says that I am but who God says that I am.

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