In Your Name

We are all in Your name.  In fact, it is because of Your name that we are guarded, shielded and never without defense. But, Your name should not put persons on the defensive.  It is not a word to be employed during attack attack but is evidence of spiritual awareness.

Your name is our hiding place and our place of refuge.  It is not to be hidden behind in cases of cultural conflict but is a sacred space where all can be heard and reconciliation can occur.  Your name can bring us all together as there is a place for all of us in it.

Your name is a strong tower and into Your name, we can run and find harbor.  We don’t have to fight in Your name or on behalf of You.  In fact, we cannot.  Your name is not a battlefield.  The uniforms of war are unnecessary there.  The tools of combat are useless there as Your name settles everything within and without.

Your name is not a category but we all fit in and into it.  There is room for all of us in Your name. We don’t have to draw straws or cast lots. We don’t have to wrestle for inclusion or acceptance.  There is no application, no referrals or recommendations needed. We don’t have to change our appearance or geographical location. We are not qualified by position or possession for Your name.

Your name is not a label but it is fixed to us, attached to our very existence as You are our origin.  You are the only Creator, the original and great Designer.  Your name is a seal, an impression of the Divine upon our souls.

In Your name, there is no hierarchal structure: no tiers, no ladders, no rungs.  There is nothing to climb as there is nothing higher than Your name.  There is nothing to overcome as all struggles cease in Your name.  There is no one to compete with and there is nothing to compete for. We are all captured in Your name. There is nothing and no one to conquer in Your name as You are the source and essence of love.

There is no line in Your name.  We don’t have to get in line, fall in line or be the first in line.  There is no basis for first come, first serve.  Your name is always available and available to all us exactly when we need it.  We never have to wait.

We don’t have to raise our hand to call on Your name.  We can say it without acknowledgment or affirmation.  We don’t have to wait our turn because You serve us all equally and impartially.  And we can say Your name as often as we desire, as often as we need to.

It does not matter our language or location because Your name comes to us.  It is not a destination.  Though it is a place, it cannot be gentrified, segregated or divided into us and them, urban and suburban, rich and poor, advantaged and disadvantaged, “the haves and the have- nots.”  Your name is for everyone.

It requires no money, no particular mode of travel, no luggage.  We need only pack our mouths with its letters.  We need only say Your name and You are present with us and we are present with You.

No matter the names that we are called, there is a name that we can call on that renders all other words powerless.  Today, I am grateful, deeply grateful to know that there is a place of rest for my soul and it is found in Your name: Jesus.

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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