Free Indeed?

“Whom the Son sets free is freed indeed.”  ~John 8.36, KJV
“If the Son sets you free, you are really free.” ~John 8.36, HCSB
Chains are the jewelry of bondage
Dress up and society will play nice
Heavy but shiny
Holding back but saving my place
They make me look good but my vision is limited
I can only see so far; I can only go so far
They are my link but I don’t feel like myself when I wear them
Dissatisfied but too tired to pull away
I sleep in them and before long, I never take them off
It’s easier this way
Tired of the tug of war
I don’t know what I’m pulling against or what I’m tied to
I have surrendered before I know who I’m fighting for
I just let them have me
Never had a name of my own
I’ve only lived in social cardboard boxes
Going wherever there is space
Checked off
I’m in and out
Accounted for and discounted
It’s not the best arrangement
But boxes are cheap and easy to come by
Passed along, reusable, not hard to carry, disposable
And they don’t take up much space
But, I’m free to choose the size of my box,
The number of links in my categorical chain
When I get tired of wearing them, I’ll take them off
When I get tired of living this way, I’ll move

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