Race’s Plan of Salvation

Apart from Christ’s sacrificial death, the righteousness of Race has been revealed through the social coloring of our skin– attested by human reasoning through faith in pigmentation, to all those who follow the light skin, distinguished from them all.  For all are not white but have fallen short of the glory of Race.  Those deemed white are justified by the social grace extended for the benefit of capitalistic gain that is the American way. 

Once you’ve found liberation in skin and become enslaved to Race, you have your fruit, which results in santification– and the end is social acceptance.  For the wages of skin can be social death but the gift of Race is social privilege and power in white skin our Lord . 

This is the message of Race, that our lives proclaim: if you confess with your mouth, ‘White skin is Lord’ and believe in your heart that Race has rasied you from social obscurity then you will be saved.  With the eyes only one believes, resulting in racial salvation.

An interpretation of Romans 3.21-23; 6.22-23; 10.9 as translated in the Holman Christian Standard Bible.


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