Untangling Our Souls From Race

Do we know for certain what of ourselves can be attributed to race? What is distinctly racial about us as human beings? What is human about being a member of a race? Is our humanity defined by our race? And are we moreso racial beings than human beings as there are descriptions of socially colored people that render them inhuman (i.e. at least in thought as I don’t believe that we ever stop being human beings)? Does race trump our humanity? Are the truths of race greater than the truths of our humanity? Where does our race end and our humanity begin? Or, are they synymous: to be a racial being is to be a human being?

If so, then what of our purpose, our worth is solely our own? Or, is it all to the credit of race? If this is true, then we have traded in the only true and living God (i.e the God of the Old and New Testaments), one Creator for a false and lifeless one: race. In race, we do not “live, move and have our being” (Acts 17.28).  American society’s ability to define life, socially propel some and disadvantage others and to seemingly capture our existence in colors is not to be confused with living, the animation of our members and our being alive. Race is neither our essence nor the rationale for our having existence. God did not color us and we became a living soul. God breathed into us the breath of life and we became a living being (Genesis 2.7).

Race is neither the beginning of our conscious lives nor the end of it. We are not formed by color. Human beings are not from color and to color we will return. This is not what we are made of. We are people of the earth not people of color. When this life ends, we do not return to race because we didn’t come from it. We will return to the earth. There is simply no life for race after death.

Race only covers our physical, visible attributes. What belongs to you, is unique to you, the individual? If we are all but caricatures, stereotypes, prejudices fulfilled, then what is the point of life at all? If there is no new human being under the heavens but all fit neatly and without incident into the prepackaged definitions of race, then why exist at all? Are we here simply to prove that race is right about us? To fulfill the will of race, to live as the best of the colored world or to serve them?

Race is only concerned with this time, this world. Still, we are in service to the will of race and unfortunately, for us, its will has no plans for the souls of humanity. Race does not prepare us for eternity and we should not allow our lives, our faith, our souls to become tangled up in race. Yes, persons have spoken of a segregated heaven but who is putting up the signs: colored only and white only. Who laid the plans for the two sets of pearly gates, the redlined neighborhoods filled with mansions that Christ prepared for us? Who is ordering the separate worship services for all of the social colors that have chosen to worship God? Who is in charge of the program and who is creating these two heavens to maintain the hierarchical structures of race?

No one.

Unless, of course, your god is race. Race may be able to conquer our bodies but it cannot conquer our souls. Though I wrestle with race, I will prevail. “My soul’s been anchored in the Lord.” God be praised.

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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