A Prayer for George Zimmerman

Dear God of Moses, a murderer and a leader of the people of Israel,

I pray for my neighbor, George Zimmerman, that you would grant him safe sanctuary in Your hands. You are the refuge for us all– kindred and stranger, victim and perpetrator, suspicious and known, ally and enemy, us and them. I pray that no one would harm him, that You would grant him protection and that he would realize that Yours is the only unbiased security that any of us can turn to.

I pray for my brother, George Zimmerman, that you would grant him peace and the assurance that the truth will come to light as he now faces the experience of being labeled, stereotyped, prejudged, tried in the eyes of American society and found guilty by reason of racism. I pray that this public spotlight would allow him to see more clearly into the state of his soul and that he would seek You if he has not already found You.

I pray for our mirror, George Zimmerman, who reflects back to us the ugly truths of our nation and the disfigured body that we have become, that we would not look away once the cameras stop rolling and the news media loses interest. I pray that his words and actions would cause us to examine our own, that they would embolden us to challenge persons who perpetuate stereotypes and prejudices in the name of race.

I pray that your life and its witness, George Zimmerman, would quicken us to pursue forgiveness and reconciliation. I certainly forgive you and ask that you would forgive me.

In the name of Christ I pray. Amen.

6 thoughts on “A Prayer for George Zimmerman

  1. You hypocrite never knows the teachings of Jesus. Jesus is a peacemaker and will never kill a young man. I am sick of this kind of American hypocrisy!

    1. Mr. Matthew,

      I am sorry that my post upset you; clearly you misunderstood its intent. Please reread it and reconsider its meaning. I agree that Jesus was and is a peacemaker; of course, Jesus did not kill Mr. Martin. Mr. Zimmerman did. Still, as believers, we are called to pray and to forgive as we have been forgiven. Thank you for your comment and thank you for reading The Daily Race.

  2. I pray that we forgive those who trespass against us just as God forgives us for trespassing against him. We all sin, I ask that God’s will be done in the name of Jesus. God is sovereign. His ways are not our ways. We must trust His plan. Whatever the verdict, there is healing to be done and God is a Healer. George Zimmmerman I pray that God forgives you, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  3. I pray George Zimmerman will have a fair trial and the juror will ignore the angry mob and black panthers and will go by the letter of the law. I pray for God to protect him and his family and that zimmerman will get justice..

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