What Will Not Change No Matter Who Wins the Election

This is an election year.  As a result, there is an abundance of political and might I add propagandizing messages to be heard.  These messages and their soundbites are everywhere.  Turn on your television and you are presented with the latest poll as to who is in the lead or who has fallen behind, whose campaign has raised the most money and spent the most to advertise in which states, who is more American, more religious, more understanding of this issue or that and consequently, more in touch with the American people.  Commercials attempt to convince us of who is right or wrong for America in thirty seconds or less.  You are encouraged to join in radio discussions about the latest gaff or examine the real meaning behind a candidate’s misspeaking.  Ads are positioned on the sides of your computer screen as you visit websites, update your Facebook status or read email.

But, this is not the message that we should meditate on.  The rulers of this world as well as their plans are temporary; their power determined by election and dictated by its seasons.  Despite all the ways in which their presence may seem omnipresent and their impact global, there are a lot of things that will not change no matter who wins this election.  Below are just a few for you to remember.

1. God is sovereign and worthy of praise.

2. Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, worthy of the sinners for which he died.

3.  The Holy Spirit is available as our comforter, intercessor and guide to all who believe upon the name of Jesus Christ.

4.  The plans of God remain as promised and the will of God will prevail (Isaiah 55.8-9).  No human being has the power to change the plans that God has for creation.  The only “superpower” is God.

5.  God loves us no matter who we vote for or if we choose not to vote at all.  The love of God is neither political nor is it confined to, defined or dictated by its platforms.

6.  The return of Christ remains unknown and will not be result of which president we elect but according to the timing of God who seeks that none be lost (Matthew 24.36; II Peter 3.9).

7.  The Word of God will remain alive and active in the hearts, minds and lives of believers (Hebrews 4.12).  Any candidate can claim it, recite it or make it apart of her or his messaging but until it claims the lives of all of us, we will remain ensnared by the affairs of this world.

8.  All scripture is inspired by God and useful no matter our poor, self- serving and one- sided interpretations (II Timothy 3.16).

9.  Prayer still works and it still changes things: “The effective prayer of a righteous (person) can accomplish much” (James 5.16, NASB).

10.  God is with us and will never forsake us not because of how we look but Who we look to (Deuteronomy 31.6; Hebrews 13.5).

Additional Reading

Bryan Roberts, “7 Things Christians Need to Remember About Politics”, Relevant Magazine, September 4, 2012.

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