Howard Thurman: What Do I Want, Really?

Preacher, pastor, theologian and mystic, Howard Thurman invites us to participate in the inward journey of self- fulfillment and becoming.  He invites us to ask ourselves, “What is the fundamental thing that I am after?…  What is my point? … What is it that I really want?… In the fulfillment of myself, this thing will follow.”  I am sure that race does not come to mind or at least it won’t after listening to this excerpt.  Remember that “the thing to which (you are) devoted– its quality, its character, its dimension– these things begin to invade (you) and (you) become not merely like the thing that (you) seek but (you) become one with the thing that (you) seek.”

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race-less world.

2 thoughts on “Howard Thurman: What Do I Want, Really?

  1. Thank you, Starlette. This was a gift perfectly timed because I have set aside this day for discernment — individually and with my partner. Today, we are dreaming, talking, and praying about our priorities for the coming year: to what and to whom do we give out time, energy, and resources?. How perfect — on this day — to listen to the wisdom of Howard Thurman! ~ Melanie

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