Seeing Christ and Satan in the 2012 Presidential Election

Though the Democratic Party is represented by a donkey, its candidate should not be confused with the one who entered Jerusalem triumphantly on one.  I begin with this statement because it seems that I cannot say often enough the necessity of separating our racial allegiances from our profession of faith.  It is necessary that the Church separate itself from the imperialistic agenda of America and recognize its leader, who ever he may be as its emperor.  Race is no excuse and does not provide an exception for such a relationship. This presidency and likewise, this election has done much to reveal how much race has distorted our view of reality and our understanding of Christ’s message, its witness and ministry.

The overt divinization of President Barack Obama and likewise, the demonization of Governor Mitt Romney is unfounded and unnecessary.  Neither candidate can offer deliverance nor serve as the cause for America’s damnation.  The soul of America is not at stake in this election but it has revealed the ways in which the Church’s witness has been compromised.  It seems that many Christian leaders have purchased chairs, much like the pews in their churches, at the “king’s table.”

Many Christians have made both President Obama and Governor Romney idols or better yet, stand- ins for Christ and his adversary.  But this election is not a mock performance of Armageddon.  So, stop with the comparisons!  We cannot vote in heaven or hell in America.  “Obamacare” is not worthy to be compared to the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.  Romney is not “the accuser of the brethren”, seeking to devour socially colored black people or any other group for that matter (The Revelation to John 12.10; I Peter 5.8).

Yes, Africans and later African Americans who were enslaved found themselves in the story of the children of Israel’s liberation.  Yes, this story continued to be employed in their struggle for educational, civil, social and religious liberties.  But, we must not use the Bible or any of its participants to endorse a political candidate.  So, pull the lever but vote because it is your civic duty, render to Caesar what is his.  Don’t vote, wasting your hope on the belief that it will save “us” and defeat “them.”

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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