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Why are the following statements true?

“By and large, the people who have been the racists of the modern world have also been Christians or the heirs of Christian civilization.  Among large numbers of Christians, racism has been the other faith or one of the other faiths” (George D. Kelsey, Racism and the Christian Understanding of Man (New York: Scribner’s, 1965), 10.

“Although the Protestant churches stress (1) the dignity and worth of the individual and (2) the brotherhood of man, the racial behavior patterns of most church members have not been substantially affected by these principles” (G. E. Simpson and J. M. Yinger, Racial and Cultural Minorities, An Analysis of Prejudice and Discrimination, (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1953), 546.

David R. Williams reports that “there is more racial prejudice in the Christian church than outside of it, that church members are more prejudiced than nonmembers, that churchgoers are more biased than those who do not attend, and that regular attenders are more prejudiced than those who attend less often.  It’s also been shown that persons who hold conservative theological beliefs are more likely to be prejudiced than those who do not” (David R. Williams, “The Right Thing to Do,” Adventist Review, February 20, 1997), 24.

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