Race Makes Us Call God Names

Writing that she now understands the Rev. Dr. William Jones’ book Is God a white racist?: A Preamble to Black Theology, University of Pennsylvania professor and contributing editor to Religion Dispatches, Dr. Anthea Butler, joins him in calling God a “white racist” after a not guilty verdict was handed down in the trial of George Zimmerman over the murder of seventeen year old Trayvon Martin.  But, not only does she call God white and racist, neither of which are supported by sacred scripture but writes, “God ain’t good all of the time.  In fact, God is not for us.”  While she says that she does not believe that God is “the old white male racist looking down form heaven,” that this god is American, using a lower case “g” to denote the difference and in the end, concludes that the responsibility lies with those who teach American religion to inform persons of all of America’s religious history “not just the nice touchy- feely parts”, the fact that she would attribute the actions of George Zimmerman to God is irreverent and irresponsible, that she would suggest that the character of God somehow changes because of the actions of a human being is bad theology.  And the fact that she would allow the actions of another human being to determine how she now sees this God, her God is sad and unfortunate.  “Contend for the faith” (Jude 1.3).

Yes, George Zimmerman said that it was God’s will regarding his murdering of Trayvon Martin.  But, did anyone ask God what He said?  Are there any other witnesses of God’s will or is Mr. Zimmerman the only one?  Unlike Trayvon Martin, God is not dead and Zimmerman’s story is not the only version that we have.  There is another side to the story that can be told.  Turn with me in your Bibles.

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