Maafa 21

Maafa 21 is a documentary of the history of eugenics and its connection to America’s attempt at population control and “racial purity” by the wealthy elite through the use of forced sterilization and later birth control pills and abortion in the African American community.  The film successfully connects the work of Margaret Sanger, founder of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, with the eugenics movement and demonstrates its intentions as it relates to the African American community: genocide of the “feeble- minded” and poor.

Additional Resources

Susan Bachrach, In the Name of Public Health– Nazi Racial Hygiene

Paul R. Ehrlich, The Population Bomb

Angela Franks, Margaret Sanger’s Eugenic Legacy: The Control of Female Fertility

Anne Barbeau Gardiner, Margaret Sanger’s Multifaceted Defense of Abortion and Infanticide

Margaret Sanger, The Pivot of Civilization

Margaret Sanger, My Fight for Birth Control

Margaret Sanger, Woman and the New Race, 1920

William Shockley on Race, I.Q. and Eugencis

Samuel F. Yette, The Choice: The Issue of Black Survival in America

American Birth Control League

National Security Study Memorandum 200, December 10, 1974

Pro- Abortion Movement and Eugenics

Eugenics Sermon Contests 

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4 thoughts on “Maafa 21

  1. Thank you, Starlette, for making us aware of this documentary. It looks like a really significant piece of work. I hope you are well and thriving!!

    1. Yes,thank you for so much wonderful education and information. How do we get our people to listen? I feel that if the person or people who are making the choice or decision to pay to destroy the very life inside them, realize that they are in a position to choose what to do because “NO ONE ABORTED YOU, (THEM). Please don’t do it.

      1. Good morning and thanks so much for your comment. I believe that it begins with our use of “our people”, “us” and “them.” We must begin to value all of humanity irrespective of gender, education, disability, socioeconomic class and the social construct of race. All of life is valuable because God created it.

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