(No) More of the Same

welcome_to_the_post_racial_worldI am quite often confused as to some persons ability to say what the world will never be.  There is nothing special about these persons.  They share the same cities and states, same neighborhoods and communities, same elementary schools, colleges and universities, same degrees and jobs, same interests and hobbies.  They eat at the same restaurants, read the same books, listen to the same music and watch the same movies.  They have the same dreams, aspirations, needs and desires.

They use the same words that we have always used when they make these declarations.  This is not new or original.  And when they have exhausted this life, these same persons will die all the same, having never believed or attempted to do or to be or to say anything different.

Despite our attempts to make ourselves more than what we are, we are only and always human.  We are not superheroes, super helpers, mothers, fathers, leaders or the like.  None of us are saviors though we attempt to rescue so many from so much.  We all need saving and to be saved from day to day from ourselves and others.

We do not possess superhuman strength because we all get tired.  Frankly, we are world weary and subject to fear, weakness and doubt more than on occasion.  There is nothing superior in us or about us– whether good or bad.

I should also add that no one is subhuman.  Nothing that we do or say and no matter what other people do or say to us can produce such a designation.  To suggest otherwise is absurd.  You are either a human or an animal; the two are not interchangeable despite the claims of some pseudo- sciences.

While we are not superhuman or even super-intelligent, though we have designated some in our community as geniuses, none of us knows it all.  So, how then can we know what will be or what is even possible?

Perhaps, it is because we think that we know who we will be or who we have been and do not believe that we will ever change.  We don’t believe that it is possible because we have more faith in the past.  We are certain of our history and though unsure of the future, firmly hold to the assertion that it will be more of the same.  Oh, what could be accomplished in us and through us if we would believe in the new things that God is able to do and the new work that He wants to do in us (Second Corinthians 5.17).

This same God is eternal and His knowledge is not limited by time.  This God gives prophecies to His sons and daughters; young men see visions and old men dream (Joel 2.28; Acts 2.17).

So, His daughter believes that the world is post- racial because the world was created before race and apart from it.  What was in the beginning with God will be in the end and race was/ is not included.  When God said, “Let us,” race was not apart of the conversation or the creative process (Genesis 1.26).  I can believe in a post- racial world because I serve a supra- racial God.  It is not a matter of eluding the same old stereotypes or confronting the same old racist beliefs but “living, moving and being” as God has designed it and that has not changed (Acts 17.28).

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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