Thankful for Race?

O, give thanks to race for it is good and its stereotypes endure forever.  God forbid.

Exactly why are we so thankful for race, so proud to be black/ white/ red/ yellow/ brown/ beige?  And why are we content with being racial beings/ colored people, passing down the names and stereotypes of our culture and others like grandma’s favorite recipes?

Why do we praise race, defend it, define our lives and others by it?  What good has race done?  What blessings does it bestow on us that would warrant such obedience and commitment?

Now, these blessings are not to be confused with the unequal favor that race shows to some cultures based solely on their physical features.  These are not blessings but evidence of race’s bias.  The American god of race is not just, fair or consistent.  It all depends on how you look.  Despite these facts, many Americans continue to convert to the belief system of race and base their lives on its social commandments.

Despite race’s history in America, we continue to bow down to its human- generated power and bow out of relationships and opportunities because of its pronouncements.  But, the lips of race are human and so is its inspiration.  We need only say the word race-less and it will cease to exist.  The power of the life and death of race is in our mouths (Proverb 18.21).

Speak up. I can’t hear you or are you thankful for race?

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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