If I Accept Race

images-1If I accept race, then I must deny everything that God says about me.  I must pretend as if she does not exist and that I do not have an interest in knowing her.  If I accept race, I must ignore the voice of God, calling me to awaken and become aware of Him surrounding me.  It is to ask God to stop speaking, to stop creating her and accept what race has for me and everyone else.

If I accept race, then I have to decline God’s destiny for me.  I have to reject the plans that He has.  Race asks that I not follow God’s direction, that I not acknowledge Him when it comes to the ways of race.  Because race is a special god who deserves special treatment who says that God’s rules are okay to be break when it comes to matters of race relations.  God forbid.

If I accept race, I must turn away from God and follow behind race, never to catch up with who I really am.  It is to turn my back on myself, to give up, to surrender to the social lie before ever possessing the divine truth concerning me.  Accepting race as a means of identity and purpose is the self- sabotage of my pursuit of Christ within me.

If I give my allegiance to race, I betray my alliance with my Creator.  I would gain a world of meaning, most of it false and lose my soul’s unique significance to be accepted as  another member of the box, reduced to being a part of the categories of race.

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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