There is not one race

“From one ancestor he made all nations to inhabit the whole earth…”

~ The Acts of the Apostles 17.26, NRSV

“There is only one race: the human race.”  The thought has been attributed to several people so I deduce that the author is unknown (at least to me).  Still, the sentiment is repeated for reasons as numerous as the persons attributed to the expression.  I guess that its credibility is proven not by who said it but by often it is said.

Partly as a compromise, persons began saying that there is but one race: the human race. Attempting to reduce the number of socially colored categories or race clicks and arguments for cultural supremacy, all of humanity was put into one race.  But, this does not rid us of the idea.

It it an attempt at solving the race problem while maintaining the concept of race.  The statement does not challenge the idea or unpack its meaning.  It just lumps us together without really explaining what “the human race” is.

Why are we one race and what is human about being a race?  If there are no biological or biblical races, then how can we be one race as human beings?  What purpose does this larger and broader category serve?  For me, the statement does not resolve the race questions, solve the race problem or provide any deeper meaning for its continued use.

So, I have my own statement: There are no races, only humans.  Quote me.

P.S. While researching the idea, I discovered a manifesto by anti-racist scientists.


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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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