Salvation Country

My Country ‘tis of Thee,

Sweet land of Divinity,

Of Thee I sing;

Land where my allegiance is tied to his body crucified

Pierced hands and side,

He took death’s sting.


My Salvation Country, Thee

Land of the purchased free

Thy place I love

I love thy peace that stills

Thy mercy against my trembling will

My heart with gratitude is filled

Up, over and above.


Let praise swell my heart

Never ending once it starts

Sweet Relief’s song

Let the earth begin to quake

Let all bow and partake

Of the sound that faith makes

And that sound prolong


Our God, independent Thee

Author of our liberty

To Thee we sing

Eternal Your land is light[i]

Filled with freedom’s holy sight;

Produced by Your sovereign might;

Great God, our King!



[i] This is an adaption of the lyrics of “America” written by Rev. Samuel F. Smith in 1831.


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