If you are looking for the image of God

“But (God) said, “you cannot see my face; for no one shall see me and live.”

~ Exodus 33.20, NRSV

“No one has ever seen God.  It is God the only Son, who is close to the Father’s heart, who has made him known.”

~ John 1.18, NRSV

The Creator cannot be molded or fashioned out of clay.  Our hands cannot make God as God made our hands.  God is not a sculpture, made of metal or dirt.  God is the Creator of metal, dirt, the sculptor and potter.

The Creator cannot be painted, filled or colored in.  God cannot be captured in a painting, not even a glimpse is there.  God gave the colors their name; how can they then be used to describe God?  God is the Creator and source of the rainbow and the painter.

The Creator, the Holy One of Israel, is not atop a steeple or seen through a stained glass window, in a robe or within our liturgy.  God cannot be set in stone neither is the true identity of God found and fixed in our minds.

God is Spirit, blowing where He desires not where we tell Him to (John 4.24).

The Creator cannot be found in nature.  God is not a tree or water or fire but God is the Source of these things, giving the tree is breath, water its coolness and fire its heat.  They are used by God and thus, cannot be used to re- create God into an image we can see.

The Creator cannot be captured by what He has created.  The face of God remains unseen but His image is everywhere.

So vast is His image that it cannot be captured by a statue or a canvass, in nature, in a building or in one group of people.  No, the image of God is upon all people.  If you are looking for the image of God, look into the billions of faces around the world. No one exists without it.



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