Segregation is Decreasing in Some Churches

That’s what yesterday’s Wall Street Journal article by Laura Meckler is reporting in “How Churches Are Slowing Becoming Less Segregated.”  In the article, the senior pastor of the Peoples Church of Cincinnati, Rev. Beard, makes a necessary connection, “If the church is segregated, no wonder the city is segregated.” For Reverend Beard, the Church determines the relationships and the way in which we interact within those relationships– not the government.  Interesting.

Meckler doesn’t gloss over the problems that arise when persons of different cultures attempt to worship under one roof but Reverend Mark DeYmaz’s conviction after reading Scripture (i.e. The Revelation 7.9-10) settles the matter: “If the kingdom of heaven isn’t segregated, then why on earth is the church segregated?”   I’ll leave that answer up to you as well as the rest of the article. 

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