If you hate


Race allows us to categorize people, to lump entire human populations together, to pack them into overcrowded boxes and store them in the socioeconomic basement of our society.  Race helps us to forget our commonality as human beings, “out of sight, out of mind.”  It focuses on and creates more differences than even exist in an effort to maintain the illusion of superior and inferior human beings.

Race is not liberating or powerful.  In fact, our belief in race and our acceptance of this superficial, social and pseudo- identity is not an expression of self- love, self- understanding or even self- esteem.  Instead, our incorporation of race into our understanding of human beings and human relationships means the exact opposite.

The truth is, our belief in race has not made us more loving or understanding of our selves much less other persons from different cultures.  Race has done and is doing more harm than good.  It has not told us who we are but who we are not and can never be.  Race has not adequately answered the question, “Who am I?”

Why do I say all of this?  It is to remind you of the track record of race, to reorient you to the truth that race does not love us.  But, also to point out the obvious problem of race as a source of human identity and as a molder of human relationships.

We will never come together around race as it calls us to hate.  Not only does race foster self- hatred but you cannot hate someone without hating yourself.  You cannot hold hatred in your mouth without it staining your teeth, impacting your bite, without some of its energy dripping onto your self- image.

Race requires that we live in a perpetual state of hatred, which means that we must die to love.  If you hate, you must die to Love.  You must separate ourselves from God’s Love because in the presence of God, there is no hatred.

If you hate any one that God has created, that God has made different from you, because it was the prerogative of the Creator, then you hate the work of the Creator.  You cannot hate God’s creation and love God.  You cannot think less of a human being and think highly of the Image in which we are made.  Hate + Love ≠ Love.  

We choose to hate and we can choose to love.  The fact is, if we cannot love everyone, then we cannot love any one, including ourselves.




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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

2 thoughts on “If you hate

    1. Thanks, Glenn. I find that people tend to follow the minority, usually one person versus the majority in matters of love versus hate. We have to choose the majority and not the tyrannical position of one self- serving and often times broken leader.

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