New Day, New Me

imgres“We need the courage to create ourselves daily.”

~ Maya Angelou

Race is finished.  It is done with us.  It has nothing new to add but has concluded that we are more of the same.  We are all just colored people.

Race stereotypes us, box us up, prepackaged us long before we were born.  It is just moving us along sight unseen.  Next.  Just go where all the others have gone– to your corner of the city, to your side of the street, either this or that side of the tracks.

Love us and hate them.  They are all the same and we are all the same.  Life is all the same.  Nothing changes.  No one can change.  No one can break the mold.

I am so tired of race relations, of relating to people and places and time and space and myself according to the social construct of race.  I am so tired of hearing that my external appearance determines my reality, that the surface of me speaks to the depths of me.  I want something new.  I want to see some one new.  I want to be made new.

And God makes us new.  We just don’t see it.  Things like race get in the way and I want it to move.  But, not just move over but get lost, leave and not ever find its way back to me.

I want everyday to be free of race and its progeny. So, on Sunday, it’s a new me. On Monday, it’s a new me.  On Tuesday, it’s a new me.  On Wednesday, it’s a new me.  On Thursday, it’s a new me.  On Friday, it’s a new me.  On Saturday, it’s a new me.  I never get old, get left over, hand me down ways of being.

I am never the same.  No, God makes us all new, brand spanking new.  So, if it’s a new day, then it’s a new me.  Thanks be to God.

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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