Christianity Today discusses racial microaggression

enhanced-buzz-19395-1386285370-28Racial microaggression is not a new term but has recently gained popularity as persons look for ways to discuss experiences of racism that are not overt or perhaps were unintended.  While America is not a post- racial country, many of its citizens certainly have come a long way in their thinking.  Or, have we?

Have we merely internalized racism, making its lens our vision of humanity?  There are those who think that our beliefs concerning race remain the same while the practices have changed.  Kristie Anyabwile describes racial microaggression and outlines how little comments and questions create problems in relationships.  But, she does not end the conversation there.  She offers ways in which to reconcile the matter in her work “No Offense: The Dilemma over Unintended Racism.”

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