“Depraved Heart Murder”


Baltimore City state’s attorney, Marilyn Mosby has read a detailed report of the last minutes of Mister Freddie Gray’s life and has charged all six police officers with crimes that range from second- degree assault to depraved heart murder, which means that Officer Caesar Goodson willfully chose not to prevent the injuries and the death of Mr. Gray while in police custody.  Despite the numerous cases of police brutality, this can be hard to believe and scary to hear.  That this unlawful and inhumane behavior continues in light of way too many examples of police misconduct and brutality speaks to the need for swift legal reform.  Please hold the red tape.

“Illegally arrested,” handcuffed and shackled by his feet, Freddie Gray suffered the spinal cord injury during van transport.  Persons are calling it a “rough ride” because Mr. Gray continued to ask for medical assistance and it was not provided in a timely manner though officers stopped to check on him.  Police officers knew that Freddie Gray was hurting, that he needed their help and they declined to serve and protect him.  Depraved heart murder, indeed.


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