Identity Forward

forward-logoThere are those we describe as fashion- forward.  They don’t wear what is popular but determine the trend and set the tone for a season or years to come.  They are ahead of their time, wearing what will become fashionable.  They open our eyes to the possibility to what we can wear and look like.  They change our appearance.

They don’t stick to what is comfortable or predictable, easy and acceptable.  They don’t choose what is accessible.  But, they look at the choices and decide to create what they want to wear.  They create a wardrobe for one and fit the style for themselves.

Well, I would describe myself as identity- forward.  The term does not exist; I made it up.  And this is what persons who create must do.  We have to create what is not, what will be if someone would have the courage to think, believe and say it.

Like designers who create from what is not, who pull from their imaginations, I have looked at what society has to offer and decided against being cut from the same cloth.  I am choosing to not get behind the color line and not even to get ahead of it.

I want to erase it.  I see another way of being and it fits me better.  Post- racial comes in all sizes and for all shapes.  Orders are welcome.


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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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