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bl_SamuelDubose_small_article-small_52122The repeated incidents of police brutality have turned up the volume on conversations about race and racism.  It is no longer whispered about as reporters cue recordings from body and dashboard board cameras of interactions, heightened altercations and ultimately the death of unarmed African American men and women.  It is a news cycle that makes me sick when I look at it.

I might want to throw up this morning’s breakfast but I will not throw up my hands, give up or give in to apathy.  No matter what is said, I will continue to talk about race and its demise.  The judging of persons based on the social coloring of skin must come to and end.

Its prejudices do not make our streets safer as police officers are now charged with crimes of murder.  Former University police officer Ray Tensing was charged with the senseless and unnecessary death of Mr. Samuel Dubose.  Mr. DuBose was shot in the head after a traffic stop regarding a missing license plate.

Video footage recently released contradicts the testimony of Tensing who said that he felt his life was in danger when he killed Mr. DuBose.  Viewers see for themselves that the conversation was polite and escalated only by Tensing.  The camera captured the one who was really in danger and the cover up of the crime by fellow officers.  Those two officers have been placed on paid administrative leave by the University.

The witnesses went along with the story.  Whatever their reasons, they told the lie of prejudice and covered up the death of an innocent man.  And this is where problem lies.

This not the time to be silent about what our belief in prejudice and what prejudice does.  Why didn’t the fellow officers tell the truth?  Why didn’t they confront Tensing and arrest him?  Why must the truth be caught on camera because we can no longer trust the eyes or mouths of those who are suppose to protect and serve?

It is because race is considered a higher law, above the laws of decency and respect.  But, I say that race needs to be challenged and shouted down.  We need to speak up and complain about race and its progeny.  And by this I don’t mean with lawsuits but in our relationships and interactions.

Persons who employ the lens of race need to be told that they are wrong, that this is not what happened, that people are innocent and can not be seen as guilty.  Speak up.


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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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