Alex Landau: A Story of Police Brutality

So, it’s not a bedtime story and it’s not a new story, which causes me to believe that somewhere and for some people it is true.  I don’t think that you should tuck yourselves in with it and it certainly doesn’t warrant that warm glass a milk.  Frankly, I never really understood this request.

Still, this video has been viewed almost five million times on Facebook.  It needs to be viewed at least five million times more by every single person in the world.  Maybe this video should be made into a song and sold on I-Tunes.  Maybe this soundtrack needs to go to the top of the Billboard charts.  Perhaps, we should start singing this song more so that we can hear the impact of our silence when police brutality occurs in our world.

This is the sad and unfortunate story of Mr. Alex Landau and it is also our story.  Can you hear yourself?

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