A crime that the Church should be guilty of

Picture-29It’s Sunday, both my favorite day of the week and my weekly reminder that we have a lot of work to do.  Believers around the world will gather to sing and pray, testify and fellowship, all drawn by the unconditional love of God.  But, we will drive to churches that do not reflect the height and depth of God’s love.  In fact, it will look like God only loves one cultural group or that God loves them separately.

The people of God have a long history of moving in step with society, of mixing gods together.  The church has blessed American slavery and the subjugation of women. The jury is still out as it relates to the acceptance of those within the LGBTQ community as the church wrestles with Scripture.  Details at eleven.  But, for the latter:  Guilty and guilty.

I am not one for getting into trouble. I try to avoid it and people who might be accustomed to it.  My mother will tell you that I am a recovering people- pleaser.  The first born and tasked with setting an example for my other siblings, that duty has been my discipline for as long as I can remember.  I have never been arrested though I was suspended in high school for fighting after many attempts to avoid several school bullies.  Guilty.

In hindsight, I wish that I would have stood up sooner.  It is something that I wrestle with even as an adult, trying to continue setting a good example while protecting myself from those who would abuse and misuse.  I wonder if the church will ever have such feelings, if the church will wish that it would have opened its arms more readily.  This morning, I wish the church would be guilty of miscegenation, that is race mixing.

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