Where will Chicago go from here?

extralargeThe dash cam video of the October 20, 2014 shooting of 17 year old Mr. Laquan McDonald was released last night.  While there is no record of the sound of their interactions, the results are the same.  This time, an African American male is shot 16 times.  Sixteen times…

He had a knife in his hand but he was walking away from the officers.  He had a knife in his hand but he never advanced on the officers.  He had a knife in his hand but his body was slumped over in the middle of the street when the shots continued.

The matter has been settled financially with the city and his family is calling for peace.  Officer Jason Van Dyke has been charged with first degree murder and there have been protests in Chicago.  The mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, is suggesting that his death “can build bridges of understanding.”  But, why is the tragic loss of his life seen as good material?

I am not certain of the social and psychic impact of repeated incidents that bear a striking resemblance.  I don’t know what can be said that has been said already.  I only have questions like, “Where will Chicago go from here?”






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