No end in sight

forever-tagThere seems to be no end to race- related remarks and incidents: Supreme Court Judge Scalia’s remarks on affirmative action,  ex- Oklahoma police officer Daniel Holtzclaw’s trial for the rape of vulnerable African American women, the suspension of cadets for KKK outfits and on and on.  I have lost count and track of the insensitivities and tragedies for this week alone.  The fact that I am not able to count them on two hands is but one indication that things have gotten out of hand.  Like so many others, I wonder when we will ever learn or love our neighbor for that matter.

But, I do not write to suggest that there is no hope.  As Christians, our hope is not in this world but our hope is in Christ (1 Cor 15.9).  This does not suggest the often unpalatable “pie in the sky” theology of heaven but our relationship with Jesus.  It is a reminder that believers are not tied to the moods and movements of our society.  We are able to maintain our stability only because of our foundation, which is Christ Jesus (1 Cor 3.11).

While our problems with race seem permanent, they are not enduring unlike our relationship with Jesus.  Keep the faith.  There is an end to race; it is but a matter of sight, of vision.  I write to remind us to fix our eyes on Jesus– not on reports from television, IPhone or IPad screens.


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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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