Revisiting King’s Dream

mlk-graphic-2With the New Year, there is talk of resolutions, reading lists and new Bible study series (Well, maybe the last one isn’t on the minds of most people.).  Ann Voskamp provides a thoughtful and engaging means to consider those things that we have resolved to do.  It can become more than a to- do list if we are serious about these commitments.  Christianity Today offers insightful reads for preachers, pastors as well as ministry leaders.   The IF Gathering, a ministry that focuses on female empowerment and her calling in Christ’s church, is excited about its upcoming study on the names of Jesus.

But, there is also discussion about Dr. King’s dream.  As with the New Year, there is increased talk of hope and change.  ‘Tis the season to remember his famous “I have a dream” speech and there will be much hand- holding, singing and justice talk.  In hopes of making it more than lip- service, a website has offered resources to churches to share in his work and for those who seek to make reconciliation more than a dream.


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