The Racial Dot Map

imgresPart of my task is to make you and I aware of conversations, communities and tools that are connected to the social construct of race.  While I am not an “ambulance chaser” when it comes to such matters, I do feel an obligation to write about race- related and racialized events in an effort to better understand race relations. But, I am also intrigued by our belief in race, our use or application of it.  I am still surprised by the extents to which we will go due to our allegiance to skin.

Today, I came across this tool, a digital map created by Dustin Cable of the University of Virginia.  The creators used census data to put every single person in America on the map literally.  Look closely and you will see patterns of gentrification, immigration and segregation.  They call it “The Racial Dot Map” and shows the patterns of our habitation according to social color codes.

Socially colored white people are represented by the color blue. Socially colored black people are identified by the color green. Asian persons (Asian is not a race. This is so confusing.) are noted using the color red.  Hispanic persons (also not a social color and thereby not a race) are associated with an orange dot.  Finally, multicultural persons are linked to the color brown.

To view the map and to see what your neighborhood looks like, click here.  It is my prayer that we might find the information and inspiration to connect the dots.

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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