The God of All Faces

imgresDuring Holy Week, we are reminded to think of Jesus and to reflect on his salvific work on the cross.  We will not spare ourselves the bloody details in an effort to fully appreciate his sacrifice for our sins.  We will go down into the darkness, follow him down into the Garden of Gethsemane and look up at him from the crowd, crying, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” We will consider whose side we would have been on and give thanks that God still chose us.  All over the world, we will read his story, repeat his words and reenact his final days.

Still, it is easy to look away, to step away and invite technology or work to distract us.  We have gotten so accustomed to the attention being on us.  Consequently, it can be hard to focus on the life of Jesus for long periods of time without asking, “What about me?”

Yes, Jesus died for you and me but John reminds us that he did not stop there.  Jesus died for the whole world.  Easy to remember but hard to believe, John 3.16 is still true.  His cross was no selfie stick.

The increased divisiveness of our nation, evident in our politics as well as our pews, is cause for lament.  Many would agree that our ‘melting pot’ is experiencing a severe meltdown.  The message and work of reconciliation, which requires authenticity, accountability, transparency and truth- telling, is all the more necessary with Mississippi governor Phil Bryant, declaring April ‘Confederate Heritage Month,’ complaints of ‘yellow face’ getting increased attention and with fifth grade students in Ohio being divided into two groups: masters and slaves.  There is so much to talk about, clarify, explain, wrestle with and with which to find understanding.

However, there is one truth that cannot be argued or arm wrestled into defeat.  Jesus came for a cross– not a culture.  He came for sinners, a category that we all fall into (First Timothy 1.15).  He faced death so that we could face life with the full assurance that God’s arms on a cross were extended to all.  Look at the cross and see yourself.  With the cross, we are all captured by the God of all faces.



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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

2 thoughts on “The God of All Faces

  1. This is so moving and such a passionate reminder. Thank you for “driving the point home”. My terrible pun intended.

    I stood in that crowd and called You the most vile things. You saw me and loved me in spite of my hatred. I deserved every lash and every taunt. I deserved the cross for the murderous thoughts in my head about You and about others. You saw me yet my hate covered my eyes and I could not see love. You and You alone are Holy and You are worthy of every thing that I am. all of my talent comes from You all of my joy and every bit of my comfort. I know this because in the midst of my hate You purchased me from death.
    I hold my dear sister, Starlette and ask You to consider her and the way You have gifted her. Please Lord, bless her and renew her as she fights with the evil one to show love. She has taken on a potent foe and I am grateful that You have encouraged her. Allow her to feel Your love and know Your touch. Bless her and keep her moving forward toward the cross. allow the words You have given her to penetrate the hearts of those who have yet to see Your Glory manifested through true Grace.
    Lord, You rule and I owe it all to You. Amen

    Starlette – He is Risen. I know that our sin is about to break our backs as we contemplate the pain it caused our saviour, but come Sunday we will shout with unbridled joy – He Is RISEN!

    1. I am humbled, deeply moved and very grateful that my words would invoke such a response. Thank you for praying for me; it is the best thing that anyone can and ever will give to me. I cannot thank you enough.

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